Friday, October 22, 2010

Self Portrait Work past and present

An oil painting self portrait of my head and shoulders.
Some self portrait work past and present-(content warning some nudity)

Self Portrait oil painting in a mirror reflecting a mirror-head, shoulders, hands, canvas and paintbrush
Oil painting self portrait of head and shoulders with paintings on wall in background
Seated self portrait oil painting in studio at night.
Nude self portrait oil painting, in front of tornado drawings, reflecting cat in window

Self portrait  oil painting in my backyard

A multiple self portrait oil painting piece with figure in center, still lifes and interior paintings of lights, paintbrushes chairs, cup, shoes, paintings, fruit, stereo and lamp

Self Portrait oil painting in black boots

Self portrait oil painting with flowered fabric behind head and shoulders

Life sized full figure self portrait oil painting with animated arm
Life sized full figure self portrait oil in the act of painting

Self portrait nude figurative oil painting of seated figure holding paintbrush

Self portait oil painting waist to head (in tank top and pigtails) in front of window with tree

Self portrail oil painting of head and shoulders

Self portrait oil painting in a broken, dirty, paint splattered mirror

Self Portrait oil painting sitting on floor, painting in maroon skirt.

Self portrait nude full figure oil painting, standing with pallette knife in hand

Self portrait oil painting -head and shoulders partally obscured by dying flower arrangement
Self Portrait Triptych oil painting of figure surrounded by landscapes

Self Portrait oil painting -head and shoulders with promenent blue shadow

Seated self portrait oil painting with paintbrush and pallette in front of tornado drawings

Self Portrait oil painting of head, shoulders, and upper torso in front of paintings in purple and blue room

Self portrait oil painting of head and shoulders in front of webbed xmas lights

Self Portrait, full figure seated oil painting with orange cat sleeping

Self Portrait, standing, partially nude oil painting

oil painting self portrait triptych with still life of plants, other paintings, stools, and lamps

Standing Life Sized Nude Self Portrait oil painting, standing with hand outstretched 
 Update (May 2012) you can find an album of more recent self portraits as well as other portraits in my album HERE


  1. They are beautiful though somewhat sad...

  2. two of the five of your self portraits that i own, are posted here and every time i see them it's a delight; almost as strong as when i see them gazing at me from my studio walls where they serve as inspiration that goads me into working, as well as visual oases that allow my mind to wander to a more pleasant state.