Saturday, October 23, 2010

Other portrait work

 A selection of various portraits  from the past. Will be uploading 2 new ones sometime this week.
Oil painting portrait of Scott Gordon, seated
Life Sized seated oil painting portrait of Kimberly Goss

Portrait oil painting head, shoulders and upper torso of Scarlette, a blue haired punk girl

Oil painting portrait -head, shoulders, and upper torso of Sarah

Figurative oil painting of sleeping nude on flowered bedspread

Oil painting portrait of nude pregnant couple reclining on couch with sleeping cat

Oil Painting portrait of semi clothed pregnant woman, seated-head, shoulders, and upper torso
Oil painting portrait of semi-clothed life sized full figure portrait of sitting blond woman
 Though the women look alike the two above were different women.
Oil painting portrait of shirtless male guitar player

Oil painting life sized full figured portrait-- seated figure
oil painting of head, shoulder portraits of a young mother and son
Oil painting portrait of a paralyzed man in bed- head, shoulders and upper torso
The three directly above are mother, son, and father. The father was bed bound due to health issues.

Update (May 2012) --I'm in the midst of tweeking some aspects of this blog, and seriously updating my website. You can always see an updated album of my portrait (self and others) HERE

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