Saturday, October 23, 2010

Landscapes (past)

Oil painting of an oak tree in a park in Austin, TX

Oil painting of tree in Austin, TX
 I've always found landscapes are the most difficult thing to do. You need to distill 2-3 hrs of a constantly changing environment on to the canvas. These are mostly work from the past. I do have some current work that I'm battling with, nothing I want to post at the moment though. I hope that will change soon. 

Update-May 8th, 2012 I am in the midst of revising much of my online representation (this blog, my website, and more) and for now, you can see an updated album of land/trees/sky here.
Oil painting series of multiple landscape/tree scenes with shadow figure (lower right painting)

Oil painting of an oak tree in Stacy Park, Austin, TX

Oil painting of a tree / landscape in Austin,TX

Oil painting of a scene off of S. 1st Street in Austin, TX

Oil painting of Stacy Park in Austin, TX

Oil painting of landscape-Stacy Park in Austin, TX

Oil painting of landscape in Austin,TX

Oil paintings of Landscapes around South Austin, TX


  1. Do you sell prints!? These are gorgeous and would be a perfect cure for Austin homesickness. Lovely work!

    1. Hi Meredith-sorry for the delayed answer! I never saw this in my notifications. I could make prints of a good deal of them. I lost some large res files from a previous computer crash some years back, but I can look around. If there's any image that interests you--feel free to send me an email and I can figure out the costs of printing and adjust what would be a fair sale price. artbyjeannehospod AT yahoo.com