Monday, October 25, 2010

Listening/Viewing Party This Thursday!! 10/28

 Party this Thursday with The Boxing Lesson hosting at The Side Bar! Lots of fun..
 Party starts at 10pm
 Listening Party for the recent release, (and viewing for the video One, animated by yours truly) Fur State starts at 11pm
to be followed by a live performance of the upcoming release, Possibilities.

Costumes, mad props and more! Dress as a furry and be in an upcoming video for Fur State!
Like the animation, you too can be a flying kitty (or squirrel, or bear, or sloth, you get the picture) in a Topo Chico cardboard spacecraft. And rock out  with Jaylinn Davidson's (keyboardist from TBL) mad mad props.

Some pics from our arts and crafts, or as Jaylinn puts it "Farts and Rafts" night.

prep for video party for The Boxing Lesson in Austin, TX

cardboard guitar props for video shoot for The Boxing Lesson

cardboard toy keyboard props for The Boxing Lesson video shoot
Jeanne Hospod in cardboard prop for The Boxing Lesson video shoot party

Jeanne Hospod and cardboard prop (based on "ONE"-by The Boxing Lesson)

Cardboard glitter "flames" from cardboard spaceship prop for video party

link for more detailed info:   http://theboxinglesson.fanbridge.com/campaigns/show.php?id=670097&sid=85226665 

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  1. I wish that I lived close enough to attend your party!