Tuesday, January 11, 2011

improving old clips /last of the interior clips

The duo have left the building. I will be showing their chase in my next entry. Suggested motion blurs (as above) of the figure have such a better flow of movement than if I drew out each step of running which (unless you have a team of animators to spend on every 100th of a second). Your mind fills in the blanks of information. A "more is less" lesson I've picked up working on these past two projects.
changed some previous stills...this one has changed from a more cartoony but rubbery face of bicycler before he gets swept into tornado. Uh, looks better in the motion blur of it all. The other one annoyed me.

and I improved the topo kitties reentry into the Earth's atmosphere. The lights helped. I like bright sparkly things, what can I say.....
I also shaved off another 10 seconds today. The more clips I finish, the more I edit the previous ones.  As things are high action at the end, the dreamy beginning in relation to it could stand to pick up the pace a bit. I'm also reserving 30 seconds for the most important section of the video. (I've already prepped some of it.) I did storyboard this project.  However, more inspired ideas/revisions come to me as I work. Ideas also pop up when I get out and plunk myself at a coffeehouse with some notes or go walking.
Tomorrow I will show progress of the garden chase. At this point I have about 10 seconds to get across all I want to.

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