Saturday, January 1, 2011


 Spent the last few days (and New Year's Eve...I didn't feel like going out and battling the crowds when this is so close to completion..I'll feel like celebrating when this is really truly finished) editing to make the transitions and timing flow better (as well as to make more room in the end), going back and reworking stills from past clips, and when that was getting too tedious, prepping the intricate climax clip blowout. I can show you examples of the first two. So nothing is looking very new now, but there was a lot of work involved.

Here are some examples of reworking some areas from the past stills. (its a little vague in thumbnail....added light,  and more movement in the figure.):
and the last 3 from the previous post, with some added subtle action. Like the fussing over the title animation--  just changing little areas of movement can make a big difference in the overall flow.

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