Tuesday, August 9, 2016

"Turing Test" short film by Jaylinn Davidson / atoms to the universe

Been up trying to choreograph movement of my awkward, wonky 2d photoshop constructed little oxygen atom (the 2 inner electron orbit rings are hard to see, but yeah..that's what it's supposed to be if you're scientifically minded and pick apart such things). It will be at the beginning of the animation where a gamma ray passes through it and produces a loose electron and positron, which attract and destroy each other in a tiny bit of energy. After I finish that, I can echo some of the visuals in a bigger scale, when I skip to a scene in progress in the end where a universe and antimatter universe come together in a male and female form.

So anyway this is a mini motion test (sans background) for the atom:

Jaylinn Davidson, keyboardist for The Boxing Lesson (I animated two videos for the band several years ago) and Casual Strangers and also a dear, lovely, talented friend of mine has expanded her artistic reach into writing/directing/editing her first solo music video (for C.S.). Featuring Sara Eleta Reid as the robot:

Turing Test

An interview regarding her creative process is found here in The Austin Chronicle . One thing that I particularly connected with was that she discovered a driving concept of the story while deep in the process of editing it. I've tried to plan more work in advance (storyboarding, although mine can look like indeciperable chicken scratch to any other eyes than my own)  when making animations, but I've also found that sometimes the unplanned freeform random moments can lead to discoveries that can dominate and alter the course  of the project for the better.

I'm really proud of you Jaylinn! Hope we can collaborate and explore the universe further together in whatever creative form it can take.

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