Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Animation clip-pullout from planet to universe

Finished a clip (I might polish it a bit or maybe let the inadvertent shakiness stay as it might fit with the overall look of the video) using a new technique (for me that is) where I edit movement of objects in Photoshop's video timeline. My usual process is using Photoshop's animation timeline where I'm working from frame to frame, which is the more traditional approach to 2D animation.. Using the video editor allows for smoother movement in space and scale, and is ideal for the beginning and end of my video project. The beginning of my video has electrons and its antimatter positrons coming together in brief bursts of energy, and the ending will include pulling away from a watery planet, to a solar system, to a galaxy, to an entire universe.

Since I've started working on animation in 2010, I've always dragged my feet in learning new techniques and software, and have rationalized that it's more of what an artist creates with what they have than the materials used. Only when I'm desperate to create a movement or transition that would be overwhelmingly complex if I don't find an efficient alternative approach do I suddenly find the ability to focus on navigating through a new gobblygook looking foreign workspace.

Here's the clip of the pullout pov from a watery earth like planet to a universe:

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