Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sixteen Second Story Year 2

Here's the concluding video to comedian (formerly of the Professor Blastoff podcast, now leading his own stellar podcast Space CaveDavid Huntsberger's year long 16 Second Story project.  It's a fun, silly, experimental animation and storytelling project expanded in sixteen second increments at David's monthly "Junk Show" variety shows, hosted at the Copper Still in Los Angeles. A person attending the show is selected to make a very short, timed introduction to a random story, which is recorded. David passes the audio to an animator, who interprets it. The audio and video are played together at the next monthly Junk Show, and another person is selected to continue the story, and the cumulative audio and video is passed on to the next animator, and so on..for twelve consecutive months, and music is added in the final presentation (Last year's project, with music by Rob Crow-- is here and my animated contribution is 2:50-3:06) My portion in the embedded video below is from 2:05-2:21. Music by Ryan McWilliams.

Animators, seasoned or even very amateur, if you'd like to play a part in this year's upcoming Sixteen Second Story cycle, get in touch with David through twitter or his website.  As you see, there's a lot of variety in the work in terms of style and technical approaches. If you think you'd like a chance to experiment with it, go for it! The two most important aspects of participating are 1) you could finish 16 seconds of work in a month's time (easy enough) and can be counted on to carry the ball for that month to the due date and 2) Have fun!

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