Sunday, May 8, 2016

Animation updates

(Steps out to the quiet inky dark field just past the witching hour, to the sound of crickets....)


I've been working on what has turned out to be an unexpectedly long term project for a very short length video. It will clock under two minutes, but is the most elaborate animation I've worked on so far. There's lots of layers of movement in this. Sometimes it took a week for only five seconds in some clips. It will be paired with a song by a favorite musician I've followed for years.

As I had the pleasure of hearing this particular song played live, an idea began to take root, which branched off into more ideas, and I thought damn, now I have to do this. It hasn't been a practical direction to take with my visual art (not that "practical" is or should be linked with art, yet it asserts it's charmless presence too often when I'm trying to enter a creative mindset)  , but it is one that kept me excited and motivated, even if it takes embarrassingly long to do at my skill level. I enjoy the short storytelling visual format that animation allows me.

Part of the story is about the joy and danger of futile pursuits. Another is the attractive pull and destructive force of opposite worlds colliding, and the new creative elements that comes from all that. It starts on a quantum level and pulls out to whole universes, with two fantasy stories of elements from those different universes influencing each other, and making inadvertent and destructive contact.

I've wanted to make a work that isn't bound by deadlines, but to the best of my (admittedly limited) technical abilities with animation at the moment. There's so much to learn, it's overwhelming.

I'm hoping to have it wrapped up by this month. That's the goal, anyway.

Here's a few soundless preview clips:



and a few earthlike planets: 

and some stills.......

Update on the David Huntsberger project I contributed to: The DVD has been out and available for purchase, and it is also viewable on Vimeo. I recommend ordering the DVD as you have the viewing option of seeing all the animators work uncut for each standup piece David performed. That said, I also recommend seeing the stage/costume design, the standup and animator work cut and combined for the full collaborative presentation. http://www.davidhuntsberger.com/2015/10/one-headed-beast-available-for-pre-order/

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