Monday, August 4, 2014

Local Color Art Gallery and Other Updates

Hello again.

I've been busy at work on an animation project for comedian and Professor Blastoff podcast team member, David Huntsberger. There will be an update in a couple of weeks with more information on the overall project (what, where, and how it will be used) as well as the Kickstarter to fund it. Something I'm very excited about: it will involve me being flown back to Austin, Texas to feature my contribution in a live performance, as well me (along with the other animators) playing a small supporting role of a scientist!

My portion of the project is fairly brief (approximately a only a minute and a half vs the 4-5 minute long music videos I have embedded on the left side of this blog), but rivals the time taken on my previous animation work, as it is visually and technically more complex. I'm using the latest version of Photoshop Creative Cloud instead of my old Creative Suite 2 version. This allows me to rotoscope video I've shot, and go back to clips to add other layers of movement at different time rates. Still, I've been flogging my Toshiba laptop above and beyond its capabilities which causes it to slow/freeze/shut down Photoshop. After my temper tantrum from too many glitchy shutdowns, I've given up seriously trying to finish the project with my current computer. I've shopped for a bargain store model desktop that has all the features needed to allow the processing of large files and clips, as well as allow me to learn how to work on 3D animation, (which is very demanding on RAM) in future projects. Until it is shipped to my door (in a few days...I can't wait!),  there's still plenty of simpler parts in the project I'm working on, without despair or worry about making unreasonable demands on my laptop.

I've switched to a new art gallery to display my paintings. Work is available for sale at Local Colour Art Gallery, in Alexandria VA. If you click on the inventory page of my work, you will see what is currently available at the location (first half of the page), and other work (second half) that can be viewed with an appointment made in advance. There is talk of a featured show with new colorful still life work of fruits and veggie harvests as well as the dreamscapes with the ghost-like imagery for a festive Day of the Dead inspired party/opening. I'll update when I have more to share about that.

Earlier this spring, my paintings were to be featured in a background set to a short movie that was entered in the 48 Hour Film Project.  The current version was edited to fit the very tight time frame entry rules.  Therefore any footage that had considerable focus on my work was unfortunately cut to keep to the absolute essentials to the story (a parody of a fairy tale). However, the production team is putting out a longer director's cut which doesn't have to fit any external imposed time demands. In that future version, I will have a Production Design credit. I'll provide all the credits, the production company  as well as sharing my experiences on my first film set and embedding the longer video here on this blog, when it is released this fall.

Hope you are all having a lovely summer!  - Jeanne

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