Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some Updates and Online Store Announcement

Hi, yall.
Been a while.
Long Story and uh, not really up for sharing that one. Sorry.

                 Here's a tiny one (on a stretched canvas!) that went to a special someone I encountered 
for a brief but intense spell. 
He told me of warming up a cold shocked hummingbird he found on the ground in Seattle.
She thawed up and flew away.

It's been a such a long winter. It's really getting to me.

I had volunteered my time working on a graphic art holiday project for fundraiser and/or awareness raising regarding a unique and tragic cause that moved and saddened me. I took the team leaders' direction and gave it the equivalent of about a 40 hour workweek. The end result (which was deemed by the same group members to be professional, attractive and attention getting) was dismissed and discarded upon completion. In addition I was told any further contributions of mine were not to be trusted. It makes absolutely no sense to me except it was spawned from a good deal of already present collective dysfunction, distrust, inflamed egos and poor communication, despite individual good intentions. To the individual who was the focus of my efforts...sorry-I tried. I'm glad to hear you are keeping brave and may be coming along in your journey.

Moving on:  I'm working off and on a series of images for my friend and niece's mama, Susan Michalski, author of the Geodesy Series. It's about the world of four teenagers linked with a psychic, sensual, and emotional bond.  Each book narrated by one of the characters: Sage (Book One -Safe Distances),
Elena (Book Two - Stellar Navigation), Ethan (Book Three) and Finn (Book Four) as they unravel their interwoven personal tragic past and grow into adulthood.

In Safe Distances we are introduced to Ethan, an intellectually and artistically advanced seventeen year old, who is also emotionally stunted..stuck at age  four, when  he had suffered a violent loss. Susan asked me to create his drawings and paintings described in the book.

More are coming.

Currently, I'm working on a collaborative animation project for David Huntsberger. He is a witty, silly, and thoughtful comedian, host of Huntsberger Junk and podcaster of  Professor Blastoff (along with the amazing Tig Notaro and Kyle Dunnigan) Unlike past projects, I won't be previewing any images ahead of time on this one.

There's an past stalled animation project (didn't have/couldn't afford the right software at the time, as well as other considerations that pushed it down on priorities) that may be yielding a painting series before I make it into a video.

Just contributed my paintings to a multi media party featuring experimental live music (homemade instruments-like a gong made from industrial gas tanks!) and a fiction reading headed by this group: http://questionthetruth.com/ in a big open hippie loft house in Takoma Park, MD.

I just opened an Online Store for some select smaller artworks and works on paper framed using acrylic glass. I put up one group last night, and will be re-photographing other pieces with new frames and uploading those soon.

Update 3/29/2014: Some of my pieces are also currently available for viewing and purchase in person at Arlington Arts Gallery. 

Update 7/17/14 I've moved a selection of my available art to a brand new gallery in Alexandria, VA. See the link in the upper left corner of my blog for more information.

Happy Spring (I hope...)

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