Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Holidays

I haven't wanted to share much lately-product or process, for various reasons. I'm working out a lot of different projects, painting and animating but it feels like a time to lay low other than occasional lighter tweets.

There was a recent death in the family. A painting and perhaps some personal writing will be coming down the line regarding that, after a obituary is published.

Thought I would share one thing on the lighter side. A gift to my sister. It is over the top cartoony and decorative. The two cats are Junior, the tux who was my parent's loyal cat for 15 years and Pookie, a Maine Coon rescued from the streets who never fully grew out of her feral start. She loves my sister but she is strictly a one-human cat. Jr. and SpookyPooks lounge by our balcony overlooking the trees, where many crows settle for the night.

Each panel is approx 5"x7". Acrylic ink/mixed media.

Hope you are all having a happy holiday season. 

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