Sunday, October 7, 2012

Portrait of Janice by Joan Hospod

A piece I found at the old homestead. Portrait of my sister by my mother*. It is the most popular and wide reaching post on my "Art by Jeanne Hospod"  facebook page, more than any of my art works. (Good for you, Mom! Though I can't help but feel a little competitive, ha!) 

It's been a year of revelations and revolution about many aspects of my life since that time. Some are sad and sobering, and some are healing. Life with my sister in Virginia has been good for me.

* I am always ok with reposts of my uploaded work (with proper credit and link back of course). In this case, I highly encourage blog reposts/pinterest pinning of this piece. Mom never put her talent out enough.. I'd like to see at least an example of her work shared with the world.

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