Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I will have a table of smaller artworks (mostly dreamscapes, some small tree studies, possibly some work from observation) at Gueros (1412 South Congress Avenue Austin, TX 78704)on display this Thursday at around 1:30 to 10 pm. Friday too (  I'll update Friday's start time on twitter .)  I have been working on finishing up some smaller pieces, so the self portraits will be continued likely by the weekend.

I am considering (nothing definite yet) setting up an online shop for my work, (at least for the smaller pieces ). If this may interest you, get in touch. I will compile a early bird list for possible future specials/updates/deals. Email me at artbyjeannehospod@yahoo.com .
 I'm not terribly ambitious about attending many shows at the fest this year. Low funds and lack of time are the main reasons. However, I did walk a great deal to meet and shake hands with the legendary Storm Thorgerson celebrating the upcoming documentary of his life and work (which is being screened this week here in town). I do expect to have fun listening to bands at Gueros (The Boxing Lesson one of them of course) while painting or drawing small scale at my table. As far as how my own table of art goes over, well...I'm going to keep low to modest expectations. Perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised.

Due to a breakdown in communication between the individual who invited me to show my work and the owner of the property I could not display my art after all.  I do look forward to better opportunities to share my work in the future.

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