Saturday, March 12, 2011

self portrait in progress part two & resolved previous portrait

I was a little behind getting that sweet spot of time and light at sundown. It is my favorite type light but is fleeting. I need to start a little earlier tomorrow.
I didn't want to pack up my oil paints outside after I barely got into the previous self portrait, so I started another after sundown with the porch light. I hope to finish this in one more sitting. I'll probably let this layer dry before getting back into it.

My ex bf agreed to pose a while back but never did a final sitting where I wanted to punch up the color. I found just heightening the warm colors behind him resolved it satisfactorily enough. It is not quite dry so I couldn't get as clear a photo as I would like (it needs to be either photographed in sunlight or scanned flat on the glass. Since it is still wet it is not quite touching the surface of the scanner.)

I worked on a tree study too but not happy with it enough to post. So we have a lot of this and that going on. I hope I can share something complete soon.


  1. You have such a wonderful, expressive style!