Saturday, October 4, 2014

transitioning back to paint/presentation/montage

Now that I'm done with the animation project, I've been reorganizing my workspace in order to get back to painting. I'll be focusing on both still lifes and dreamscape work.   I took a look at some past pieces I either had in progress or were finished but could use a bit more reworking with a fresher eye. Here's two I played with. Both are in/on recycled painted frames. 

Jeanne Hospod
Watercolor on acid free paper mounted into a 
recycled frame and uv archival plexiglass painted 
with acrylic and acrylic ink
23" x 11"

Jeanne Hospod
  acrylic on wood panel mounted on recycled wood
framed mirror, carved and painted with acrylic and 
acrylic ink.
10" x 10"

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