Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Still life - Apple

Apple-oil on canvas 6"x 6"

I've been working on various dreamscape projects too. Unfortunately one of them crashed and burned last night after wrapping up the still life. I still may try to resurrect it, but I have to keep in mind where my energy goes. 

Reorganized my website jeannehospod.com  (note: this site is for lap/desktop viewing-not my smartphone/tablet site  m.jeannehospod.com )  

The site should be loading faster and easier to navigate through, with better viewing options. Purdier design/colors, too, at least I think so. Any feedback in the comment section would be appreciated.

Small detailed work can be seen up close , like this mini  mini multiple grouping from some years back -(there's a few scattered explicit images so NSFW/18yrs+ viewing..yadda ) or this one. I've been thinking about revisiting the idea of many multiple stream of consciousness style works that resonate with each other and reveal a story as they are created. Instead of putting it all  in one piece, I'd make a larger body of work for a future show. It may be a way to unify a lot of overwhelming ideas into a single attainable goal, and a guide for working over the next year or so.

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