Thursday, January 17, 2013

free form exercises, sketches, etc.

It should be pretty obvious what is from observation and what is invented.
"Sketches" can be a misnomer though. The idea that the free form work would be brief is an attractive one, but it hasn't turned out that way lately. They grow and change and I linger with them (even though other projects are calling to me) until they tell me they are complete. That said, the plein air ink sketch third one down was actually the briefest (and most satisfying).

More coming (other stuff in progress as usual)

8"x8 watercolor/acrylic ink/pastel
on paper

each panel approximately 6"x10" watercolor/ink/pastel on paper

approx 11" square ink/watercolor on paper

8"x8" acrylic ink/pen/watercolor on paper

oil on canvas 10" square

                                                          8"x8" ink/watercolor on paper

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