Thursday, April 19, 2012

fourth life painting session with Skye

Here is the fourth session with my niece Skye. The pressure is ON to get this thing resolved. I may be moving in June, but Skye and her mom are moving across town next week and I won't have her in this environment to paint after next week. I'm coming back tomorrow, and then again next Thursday, and I hope also next Friday. She's a good model for a nine year old, but the best nine year old is going to be a squirmy worm when she has to be still.* This may be a looser painting by necessity, but if the general areas are resolved that will be a good thing.
* When she started to make faces I threatened to paint a huge booger coming out of her nose, then told her years after I'm dead and oh so famous, she will be immortilised forever as the mysterious Mona Lisa of boogery faced children,. That kept her still for umm...3 minutes.

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