Monday, March 26, 2012

continuing self portrait and dreamscape (both near completion) 3/26/12

Top: painting I started a while back (based on my animation themes) and picked up to rework. (photo is a shot indoors..a better lit one outside will be taken at its completion.) 2 feet wide, acrylic ink and paint on wood. Bottom: there is a very narrow margin of a specific type of light (afternoon to sundown) which draws this one out longer than I had hoped. I do think it will likely be resolved tomorrow. Likely. I know better than to promise.

These are a rather extreme range of styles I work in. I suspect my hardcore-work-only-from-life-painter colleagues  would find the top piece (and others in the same vein) frivolous, and others who would think that working in these two styles simultaneously as evidence of being less focused or "serious" about my work. To that I can only shrug. They satisfy two different ways of expression. The top starts with a stream  of consciousness type of markmaking and it evolves into a story that reveals itself to me which I may layer with more ideas. The lower one requires me to get out of the way and observe (though the multi arm idea is a bit of concept I'm playing with). They may meet up on some level someday (perhaps some of the silhouette pieces are already) , but they don't need to. Both are important to me on their own terms.

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