Monday, February 27, 2012

2/27/12 treescape/dreamscapes in progress (on location)

Been at my sister's in Arlington VA this week, apartment hunting. Here are some of what I've been working on as time allows. I can't bring oils on the plane and get into the hardcore stuff...more of the decorative/dreamscape work which was what I was doing this fall with acrylic ink and paint. These are on wood and canvas, anywhere from 1" to 4" panels.
I'll leave at least one or two with my sister for treating my stay while we hammer out our future roommate arrangement this summer. ( I plan to work on more large scale work from life and get in touch with more galleries for a year and a half,  then deside if I will return to Austin or look into other places and opportunties). I'm getting ideas of how I would like to link some of the presentation ideas of the small decorative pieces with work from life though on a larger scale. I need to finish these up.  I'm looking forward to getting home to finish some oil paintings too.

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