Wednesday, November 30, 2011

experiment- digital preplanning

the basis for this was a request from a friend to interpret the outlines of 3 parables (that he hoped to share with a class he is taking)
‎1. A hornet walks unaccosted amongst a sea of ants. He is very busy accomplishing his important mission. What he is doing is not of concern to anyone but him. But it is necessary, nonetheless, that it be done. He is for the moment indispensable.
2. Twin sisters grow together and reach for the sky. At long last, upon near maturity, they are able to interweave their branches in a mutually supportive embrace. The second twin -- by a twist of fate -- ends up being the middle, and therefore central, support for two or more families who depend on one another as a bulwark against the power of the wind.
3. A thistle chooses to grow upon a path traveled by beings who are not limited by roots. It does not occur to her that her fearsome thorns will not protect her from these sorts of dangers. But she has cast her lot and must now bear the pain.

The plan for this is to paint a tryptich on 12"x24" canvases. I was planning it out on 3"x6" canvases but did not get it to where I was comfortable with it, and wanted him to have a least one completed idea for his class. I was returning to the DC and Philly area and I couldn't pack all the paints needed. So I worked it out digitally by drawing in Photoshop and manipulating lights and textures ,which fortunately pleased my friend. It will be a starting point but may deviate in the actual larger painting.

I've usually keep my digital and painting projects separate, but this was a pragmatic solution to a time and material crunch. We will see how it translates in paint.

note: project completed in paint HERE

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