Friday, October 7, 2011

rough and polished

A very rough sketch (out of several) of my mom while she rested. She shifted every other minute or so. I'm glad I got to visit her again, though I'm deeply saddened and stunned at how fast this has all been. I made her some tiny tree canvases for her to keep on her nightstand, which she enjoyed. I'll get my sister to scan  so I can upload and share here later..

I've just been mostly making those tree pics, more decorative than ever. I recognize I need to do something more intense and from direct observation for artistic reasons but my focus is limited. So I do these and try to accumulate enough for the holiday shopping vendors. It's grounding, centering and soothing anyway and maybe will lead to something in other dreamscape work.

 Various of acrylic inks on canvas. To get an idea of the size, the smallest square is 2"x2".
Acrylic ink on canvas 3"x3"

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