Monday, April 11, 2011

Project plans for Eight - Fur State - The Boxing Lesson

I will be taking a longer, slower approach to the final animation that will conclude the first two I made (embedded in upper left corner of blog) to songs from Fur State by The Boxing Lesson. The first two parts of this project have been  an exciting and fun but all encompassing experiment in a race to get it finished in time to promote the album. Due to other pressing obligations and that I do not want to shortchange the ideas or execution for the concluding animation, I am approaching the final one as strictly a labor of love. It won't be timed with any more promotional deadlines for Fur State by The Boxing Lesson  * but it will be out eventually as I do want to conclude the story. It will leave off with the human/alien fetus conceived at the end of Four (the larger embedded video above) and will link back to the first animation One ( the smaller video below Four). She is now an imaginative eight year old and will facing a different Earth than the one she grew up on.  I will share progress as it comes though.

Yesterday I took some more reference pics using my eight year old niece as a model. Being an awesome little artist, she also provided some lovely drawings that I will be incorporating into the work. (The human/alien girl likes to draw quite a bit too) Both space pics. It looks like she painted  a Harmonic Convergence from how she lined up the planets. Hmmm. giving me ideas....

However I will promote this --The Boxing Lesson has just recorded a new LP with Frenchie Smith at the Bubble in Austin! From what the new album cover looks like it is going to be pretty epic:

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I should add they will be playing on Thursday, April 21 at 11:00pm - April 22 at 12:00am at Stubbs BBQ (Austin, TX) as part of the Cut/Copy aftershow. Free inside show! Doors @ 10P Show @ 11P

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