Friday, November 5, 2010

Basis for first clip of movie completed

Opening black hole image for early clip to music video Four-Fur State-The Boxing Lesson

Here is basis (I will be adding some elements to it) to the opening scenes to the new animation. This rotates.

That (just now) gave me an idea of an ongoing format for the rest of the whole video. Ooh. Love those middle of the night ideas.

There are some conflicts with my time that I was hoping could be all worked together into this animation. I thought about making more hand drawn on paper images (there was a starting element to that in the previous one) so I am not constantly on the computer, and to keep a connection to my other work. After attempting that, I found I became very impatient with the process. When I am creating  many frames I find that spending  time making a regular painting for one frame slow the flow down of the project in other ways besides the obvious one...I lose thinking of how it moves in time, the use of  multiple elements (that are created more on the fly) that can become an ongoing visual theme.

I am not ruling out hand drawn completely. I may use hand drawn on paper simple lines for the cartoonier aspect of later scenes.

I may need to just portion a couple of hours a day for non animated work, so I don't lose the different sort of energy and attention that painting and drawing on canvas and paper requires. This story is pretty much mapped out, (as opposed to my previous project which changed as I created it) and now I have an idea how to use and not fight my software so I expect this project to go faster than before. I hope.

I will try to share images without giving the whole thing away. I put a lot of examples up from my previous project on Facebook, but only because The Boxing Lesson could see my progress, and about 70% of the rest of my contacts don't really look much anyway. (shrug)

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