Friday, July 15, 2016

Website issues on jeannehospod.com

Just an fyi, my website jeannehospod.com was built several years back with flash template. Apparently, the mobile website is not compatible with new mobile devices, and therefore larger images of my paintings are no longer accessible. Only the tiny thumbnail icon collection can be viewed.

My website is still visible on computers (I hope all computers but I'm not sure), so check it from a laptop or desktop if you want to look at my portfolio of paintings, drawings and animations past and present. I should overhaul both sites to a HTML and HTML5 format. That is a major project I need to address quite soon, although immediately isn't possible. I plan to have this issue addressed by the month of August.

In the meantime if you are on a mobile device, please take a look around on this blog, and check old entries. Most images of my artwork are stored here by timeline and themes. It may be more of a hunt, but I hope you can still enjoy a meander here.

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