Friday, May 13, 2011

uncovering the process vs. product / What's in a name?

uncovering the process vs. product / What's in a name?
I haven't posted in a week because I was getting ready for a little private art gathering featuring my work.

 (Unfortunately I myself took rather crappy photos...awaiting if anyone else took some decent shots. Here's one the host shot of me.)

The dust has cleared somewhat and I should be back on track blogging recent projects.

I just purchased a domain name and hosting website for my work. Now I have to build the dang thing. It will be easier to view my work by subject matter. I've also started an account on etsy and will be sharing work available for sale soon.

The focus of this blog has evolved to feature my work in progress for better or worse. Originally, it was to let people know where I was in the trenches of the animation project (for the instrumental Four by The Boxing Lesson). After its completion it documented my paintings and drawings.  It has been both freeing and motivating for me. I have had a tendency in the past to work in an all-or-nothing pattern which unfortunately meant more soul crushing "nothing" when circumstances or my confidence was less than optimal. Sharing the process has helped me to just show up and keep my ego in check. By doing so, I've been more consistently productive and feel like I've made some progress in my work. Granted, there are times that I think it is good to retreat and work privately. Julia Cameron mentions this in The Artist's Way, referring to the magic of containment until a piece is ready to be viewed. However, my need to impress and fight for attention (maybe going back to my middle kid syndrome) made displaying my work to both the general population and those I've looked up to a weary and fearful battle...and usually a losing one. The need to dramatically "wow" the viewer has been replaced with a need to just keep working (and connect with those interested in the process) which will organically lead to a better end result (I hope) anyway.

An older painting of mine (dreamscape and self portrait) from several years back is finally going to its new home. An eleven piece set to be displayed as is (oil on canvases):
 have been stuck on a name for this for a long time. I don't feel compelled to title many of my pieces, but I think this painting has one and I haven't uncovered it yet. . I'm still open to ideas if anyone wants to share them.

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